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Terms of Use

I. Definition of Terms

  1. Quiz is a mobile application that has been created by the Author in order to help the Users learn about the departments, provinces and states.
  2. The Author of the Quiz mobile application is Michal Ivaska.
  3. The User is any person who has installed the Quiz application.

II. Privacy Policy

1. What user data is collected?

  • A nickname, a geographical zone and a list of visited zones (if the User chooses to fill them in).
  • The User settings and the statistics of the progress in the game.

2. What is the purpose of the collected data?

  • The nickname and the geographical zone are used in the public table of the high scores.
  • The list of visited zones are used for the purpose of creating a map which is visible only by the User.
  • The settings and the statistics of the progress in the game are processed in order to provide a better learning experience.

3. How can the user request to delete all the collected data?

  • The nickname, the geographical zone and the list of visited zones can be deleted by the User at any time.
  • The User can request to delete all their collected personal data at

These terms of use are valid from February 1, 2022