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Quiz World Countries & Cities

In this geographic game, you will learn to know the names, flags and capitals of all the world countries as well as know how to identify them on the map of the world.

To get to know the world countries, simply select the learning mode and click on the map of the world to view the details of the selected country, including the country capital, its flag, area of the country and its population.
You can choose your quiz mode:

  • find the name of the country displayed on the map of the world,
  • find the name of the country according to its flag,
  • find the capital of the country.

In each quiz mode, you can select between two, four or six choices offered. If your answers are correct, you advance to a higher level with increasingly difficult questions.

This application also allows you to view your current country during your travels as well as create and share with your friends your own map of the countries you have visited.

You can use the app for free by watching a short ad video before certain levels or purchase the Premium version which gives full access to the app completely ad-free.